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FaerieCon 2008

Saturday my parents and I woke up super early and made the almost three hour trek to Philadelphia for FaerieCon! It was ... stunning. I walked through the door to the convention center hall and just stared. Never before have I seen so many enchanting people and treasures in one place. Magic even emanated from the concrete floors!

I am eternally grateful to Rebecca Dixon of Up from the Ashes for sending me tickets. She is one of my fellow Fantasy Artists of Etsy, and the first Etsyian I didn't already know that I have gotten to meet in person. She's incredibly lovely and cute - I look forward to seeing her again at faerie events in the future. I have been ogling her fairy finery for months, and it was even more amazing in person. She must be very patient to make designs that intricate. I bought a pair of her gorgeous handmade wings.

It was exciting seeing a lot of other famous fantasy artists in person for the first time. I bought an awesome Pirate Fairy figurine and two pinback buttons from Jasmine Becket-Griffith. I also mustered up the courage to introduce myself to two LiveJournal friends, Giovanna Adams (and her lovely friend, Sara) and Ash Evans. They are both very sweet, talented artists. I babble a bit when I'm nervous, so I hope I didn't come off as too much of a dork!

There were so many photographs I missed taking because I was just too entranced, but I did manage to take enough for another photo collage. Click on it to see it full size.

The border is made of pictures I took from the Faerie Fashion Show. I was a few rows back and my camera didn't like that. I had to lighten the pictures an insane amount and that sucked out all the color, but it actually made kind of a cool effect. That's my mom and I to the left, standing by the sign. Giovanna and I are in the middle, and Becky and I are to the right. The other fairies in the middle are ones my dad happened to catch while I was busy drooling over everything else.

I definitely hope to return next year, and maybe even attend one of the masquerade balls with Justin. He wasn't able to get out of work this time. Anyone know any spells to charm bosses?
Tags: ash evans, faeriecon 2008, fantasy artists, giovanna adams, jasmine becket-griffith, philadelphia convention center, rebecca dixon
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