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There's only splendor for the sight.

I think my little tree turned out fabulously for only putting it up five days before Christmas. We were going to set up Justin's full size one again, but time must have bounced through a black hole because suddenly it's already three days AFTER Christmas!!

Christmas Eve was nice. I got off work relatively early, then went home to relax with Justin. We opened up the presents from our parents, which among other wondrous kitchen goodies and gift cards, included the glasses and vodka for a delicious orange cranberry martini. We went to bed fairly early, as he had to leave by 8am to head to Baltimore.

Christmas is the one day I don't mind getting up early anyway - I couldn't wait to exchange gifts with Justin, as neither one of us had any idea what the other had chosen. He absolutely loved the Darth Vader sculpture from Metal Park that I bought him in New York City. I was thrilled with The Nightmare Before Christmas Collector's Edition DVD he got me, as I was bound to wear my VHS copy out soon! And I'm still in awe of his other present to me - Uncanny X-Men 266, 267 and Annual 14 comics! They include the first appearance and cameo of Gambit. *swoon*

After that, I headed to my parent's house where we ate blueberry muffins and opened our mountain of presents. I didn't ask for anything specific this year, but mom did an awesome job, as usual. I got sparkly socks, clothes and jewelry, bellydancing kit with zills, LightScribe DVDs and Vampyre: The Terrifying Lost Journal of Dr. Cornelius Van Helsing. Mom got Sonic:Unleashed for PS3, so we played that for a few hours. We also watched her new copy of The Dark Knight. And ate way too much ham and broccoli casserole, of course. Yet another marvelous Christmas, filled with magic and glitter. Yay!

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