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Love will steer the stars.

February has been a busy month for me! Sunday, the 8th was my birthday so there was much celebrating to be done. Justin cooked a delicious dinner of caesar salad with homemade croutons and steak with hollandaise sauce, mixed some mean pomegranate cranberry martini's and took me dancing with several of my friends that Saturday. So uhm ... Sunday I did a lot of napping. Hey, I'm getting old! Luckily, my hangover was conquered by dinner time, so we went to Saketumi with my parents. It was my first time there and it was amazing! We shared crab wontons, calamari and rock shrimp as appetizers. Then I devoured three sushi rolls - shrimp tempura, boston and sweet potato tempura - with a little help from Justin, as I stole one of his BBQ bacon wrapped scallops skewers. Then we went back to my parent's house for strawberry shortcake. And Justin had bought me a petite chocolate decadence cake, so we had that for breakfast the next day! In the last two weeks, I also had two more yummy birthday dinners with Justin's parents and a friend that couldn't make it out dancing. Besides all that wonderful food and company, I received two Dance Dance Revolution games and Wall-E for PS2, money, gift cards, sparkly necklace, beach bag, stationery, glass photo frame, love bug stuffed animal, cookies, and more.

I am so spoiled rotten! As you can see to the left, Justin bought me roses for Valentine's Day again. I went to Candy Kitchen last week with the intention of buying him gummy bears - and ended up walking out with chocolate honeycombs, chocolate-covered Oreo's, and truffles, too. So the ape and candy are from me. Check out the Nintendo ? Block I stuffed the Oreo's into!! I cut it out and folded it myself, using a pattern from Justin stumbledUpon that website a few months ago and knew I would appreciate it as much as him, as we're both big dorks. It has so many pop culture designs - I hope to try a more complicated one next time, like Gir or Jack Skellington. I just need to find my exact-o knife first. I'm afraid a goblin may have stolen it for its shiny blade. Maybe I can trade it for one of those dark chocolate champagne truffles? Yeah, better just take advantage of a Michael's coupon and go buy a new one.

Anyway. Hope everyone's lives have been filled with as much love and chocolate as mine!

Tags: 27th birthday, candy, cubeecraft nintendo ? block, roses, valentine's day
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