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Maryland Faerie Festival 2008

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Jun. 9th, 2008 | 10:13 pm
mood: enthralledenthralled

I stumbled across information about the Maryland Faerie Festival several months ago and have been looking forward to it ever since. So early Sunday afternoon, I got all dolled up as a faerie, and Justin and I made the 2.5 hour drive to Upper Marlboro, Maryland. We stopped for a deliciously fatty lunch at Hardee's and made it to the park around 1:30. Oh dearie my, was it sweltering outside! The sun was brutal. Dressed mostly in black, I really felt like I was melting like the Wicked Witch. We only lasted a couple of hours before fleeing back to the air conditioning, but the trip was worth it. I shall definitely return, but I hope they're able to schedule it back to May like it has been in the past. Even with several of the vendors gone from the day before (I honestly don't know how any of them lasted so long in that heat!), the ones that were left all had such beautiful, enchanting items. I even discovered a few new fantasy artists. The air may have been stifling, but the atmosphere was wondrous and inspiring.

I only managed to get a few pictures of the intriguing people, so I quickly put them together into the collage above. The first that caught my eye was the faerie atop the unicorn. The sea creature was stunning, too. There must have been a very strong woman underneath it, because I would have croaked if I were covered head to foot in so much material in that weather. The band is Telesma, playing on the Honeysuckle Stage. Their hypnotic music was perfect for the belly dancers, and their shimmying moves were captivating. The other two in the collage, toward the bottom right, are Justin and I, trying to cool off under a tree.

Anyone else venture out to the festival? Maybe next year we could meet up. ;D

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Dawn Obrecht

(no subject)

from: jenelycam
date: Jun. 10th, 2008 12:12 pm (UTC)

I wish I lived closer...I'd meet ya there... Sorry it was so hot. *HUGS*

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